Why Cash-Free?

Why our (mostly) cash-free system is positive for our customers, our team and our business as a whole…

We decided to make this transition at our locations where less than 20% of purchases were made using cash. Our teams at these locations were spending hours each day on cash management when the majority of transactions were completed using credit, debit, or gift cards. These tasks included counting 3 to 4 registers two times per day, filling out deposit slips, and going on bank runs for change and to make deposits.

We are excited that all the time previously spent on cash management can now be dedicated to focusing on our food, service, and improvements around our cafes!

Digital payments also make the checkout process quicker and more efficient for our customers, so you spend less time in line and more time enjoying your meal or treat!

Another benefit of going (mostly) cash-free is that it helps us keep our teams safe by eliminating the need for them to hold cash in the cafes or carry it to the bank.

In addition to taking debit, credit, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and gift card payments, we provide options for those customers who must use or prefer to use cash. Although we no longer keep change in our registers, we are happy to accept exact cash or to load any amount of cash onto a gift card for customers to use at any of our locations!

As we continue to explore a cashless system in our cafes, we welcome and appreciate all feedback. Please reach out at info@activeculturecafe.com!