About Us

Active Culture is a lively, counter service café founded on the belief that healthy food can taste amazing! Our concept is this – Simple, fresh, wholesome ingredients crafted into great tasting dishes that nourish your body.

When you walk through our doors you are treated like family. We are a gathering place where friends, moms, professionals and students can come together and enjoy delicious food, day after day. We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers, to make them laugh and smile and know exactly what our regulars order.

Made from scratch is the norm. Dressings, sauces, homemade lentil burger patties, raw organic almond milk are all made fresh, in house, every day! Each menu item is created with purpose and passion, a perfect balance of wholegrains, fruits or vegetables topped with our delicious (and addicting!) sauces that leave you feeling satisfied and feeling good!

The Passion Behind Our Doors

Active Culture started with a family passion of cooking flavorful wholesome food. That passion turned into a vision, and after many “tastings” in Faye’s kitchen to make sure the food was delivering a punch of flavor and a wholesome meal, the first Active Culture came to life in charming Laguna Beach, CA in 2010. Our menu started out with only a few items, and over the years has grown and evolved to offer a wide range of tasty dishes from breakfast to dinner!

The four partners of Active Culture, Faye, Katrina, Jennifer & Johann love nothing more than to see people of all ages enjoying our food. As a family owned business, we are dedicated to keeping the family atmosphere that so many of our customers and employees have come to love. And as the business continues to grow, so does the family. We have a devoted team of creative culinary experts, and bright, innovated hospitality professionals. We like to think we have the greatest staff around dedicated to bringing customers food that fuels their bodies and souls!