Social Responsibility


At Active Culture we stay fresh in our practice of increasing sustainability to help reduce our carbon footprint and help keep our community clean. We are always looking for new and different ways to stay current and steadfast in our endeavor to do our part in protecting the environment!

Some of the actions we have taken include: making the switch to biodegradable straws, reduce our earth friendly “to-go” usage by including “no straw,” “no utensils” “no napkins” and “no bag” options on our online ordering, taking daily action in-house to reduce food and plastic waste, we use eco-friendly cleaning products, we separate waste from compost and recyclables in our workspaces, as well as making separated bins (waste, recyclables, compost) available for customer use. We strive to get our environmental certification from the cities we reside in to make sure we are doing all we can everyday to protect our beautiful environments for future generations.


As a health food café, it is our mission to provide healthy, delicious options for our communities and to foster a healthy food culture. We want kids to grow up knowing that making healthy choices can be as exciting and delicious as all the other options out there. We don’t have to sacrifice flavor when making good decisions for our bodies! And oftentimes, these food choices reduce our environmental food footprint.

We love to support other businesses in our communities by sourcing local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible!


We care about your experience. From our welcoming staff to our shops’ warm, accommodating atmosphere we aim to make everyone who walks through our doors feel right at home. Whether we see you every day or it is your first time with us, we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and communities!